Vedic Horoscope

c2167-6a00d8357d30bd69e20147e024c053970b-piThe Jyotish horoscope is a picture of the sky at the time of birth (or  the beginning of an undertaking). A basic horoscope picture (Nord-Indian method) is given at the left. The main horoscope is called the rashi chakra. The navamsha is an important subdivision. In this system 9 planets (graha’s), 12 signs (rashi’s) and also 12 houses (bhava’s) are considered.

The horoscope consists of 12 houses, 30 degree each. One house contains one zodiac sign (also 30 degree). The planets find their place in the horoscope according to their (calculated) locations in the sky at the time of birth. There are many subsystems which are usefull for specific purposes.


Besides the 12 zodiak signs, vedic astrology distinguishes also 27 (sometimes 28) Nakshatra signs. This are 27 divisions of 13 degree 20 minutes each and which can be called moon constellations. They play their own role in interpretations and they are especially used for calculations of time periods (the so called dasha systems) of the different planets and/or signs.


The calculations in Vedic astrology are sidereal: this means that the Vedic zodiac differs in degree in comparison with the modern western zodiac. At this moment (2015) the difference is about 24 degree, and each 72 years it increases with one degree.

Example horoscope


The picture gives an example of a Vedic horoscope. L, lagna, denotes the first house (ascendant), and the other houses (I, II, III, etc) are counted from there (to the left, when looked upon from the front). Each house contains one (zodiac) sign. In this method the houses in the horoscope are fixed with respect to place, but the signs are not. The sign which is located in the first house (L), is the sign which is in the eastern horizon at the time of birth. (In the example horoscope this is nr. 3:  Mithuna or Gemini.) The next sign from there is then placed in the 2nd house, etc. In this way each of the 12 houses hosts one of the 12 signs.The meanings of the symbols for the planets are abbreviations of the sanskrit names (see also below).

Symbols in the horoscope.

The symbols used for the names of planets, signs, and houses are as follows:

Graha = planet:

* Sy (surya) = sun, * Ch (chandra) = moon, * Ma (mangala) = mars, * Bu (budha) = mercury, * Gu (guru) = jupiter, * Sk (sukra) = venus,* Sa (sani) = Saturn, * Ra (rahu) = northen moonknot, * Ke (ketu) = southern moonknot *

Rashi = sign

* 1: (mesha) , the ram  = aries; * 2: (vrishabha) , the bull = Taurus;* 3: (mithuna) , the twins = Gemini; * 4: (karka) , the crab = cancer; * 5: (simha) , the lion , the crab = leo; * 6: (kanya) , the virgin = virgo;* 7: (tula) , the scales = libra; * 8: (vrischika) , the scorpio = scorpio; * 9: (dhanu) , the bow = sagitarius; * 10: (makara) , mystical animal (kind of crocodile) =   Capricorn; * 11: (kumbha) , the pot = aquarius; * 12: (meena) , two fishes in opposite direction = pisces.

Bhava = house

The first house is denoted as L (Lagna or, in western language, ascendant), the second house as II, the third house as III, etc. The houses are always at the same place. This means that it is not necessary to number the houses in this horoscope picture.

The projection from the zodiac circle into the horoscopeprojectie tekening


For Truth, simplicity, Love, Om namah shivaya.

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