example horosc. emptyJyotish contains methods to clarify developments in past, present and future. It reveals about the human mind and the issues and directions in life. It gives light to life with respect to a great number of areas: health, personality, income, work, spirituality, relationship, children, problems to overcome, etc. It is meant to heal life, to develop a healthier and fulfilling life, and create a better future.

For consultations a Vedic horoscope has to be made. An horoscope is a picture of the sky – with the planets and the zodiac signs – at the time and place of the birth for a person or a starting point of an undertaking.

For making the horoscope 1) date of birth, 2) place of birth e, 3) time of birth is needed. This horoscope is the basis for interpretations with respect to this person or an undertaking.

Consultation can be:
a) consultation with respect to the present period and the near future, tendencies and developments. One can indicate some areas of special interest.
b) consultation with respect to a specific area of life, such as health, income, relationship, work, etc.
c) evaluate life events and life plans
d) life and other questions.

The consultation is done by  Wil Burgmans, educated as a psychologist (drs.),  and acqainted with Jyotish (vedic astrology) since 1988.

If interested, please contact. You will be informed about the further procedure for the consultation.  Consultations can be done in a personal meeting, telephone,  or through the internet (skype, zoom).

Please Note: these consultations are intended as a help and every person still has the responsibility for decisions in his own life.

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