Nava-graha = nine planets

Navagraha is one name for nine planets, traditionally used in vedic astrology. It indicates that these nine planets form one unity and that interpretation should be done in consideration of all nine planets, and their position in the Vedic horoscope.

Some of the indications of each of the nine planets:
Surya (sun): energy nucleus, self
Chandra (moon): guide in dark, thinking/feeling
Mangala (mars): power of matter, power of action
Budha (mercury): power of discrimination, speech
Guru (jupiter): master of freedom, wisdom, happiness
Sukra (venus): life attraction, enjoyment
Sani (saturn): great paradox: shadow of light, sorrow
Rahu (northern moonknot): the seizer, misty mirror, illusion, sometimes like Sani
Ketu (southern moonknot): hidden, mystical, misty, moksha, sometimes like Mangala.

Being more aware of the influence (or reflections) of the nine planets is a help for a better life, now and in future. This is yoga of light. Traditionally meditation, mantra, and ritual is considered to help the individual to balance his life in a positive way.


Pictures of the nine planets(navagraha) as divine beings.
In the middle of the picture you find the sun (surya), and clockwise from above left:
mercury (budha), venus (sukra), the moon (chandra), mars (mangala),
northern moonknot (rahu), saturnus (sani), southern moonknot (ketu), and jupiter (guru).

Each planet refers to certain qualities and energies in life. The different planets or combinations in the horoscope also have reference to different divine energies like Shiva, Durga, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ganesh etc.

Through meditation ritual (puja) traditionally one can bring order in these energies so that life itself becomes more orderly and prosperous, more peaceful.

Finally, all energies find themselves harmonized by the one Divine source.

May your life be healthy,happy and prosperous. 

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