Light on Life

Vedic astrology is an ancient science of India to research life. The vedic name is Jyotish, meaning “inner Light” or “God’s Light”. It has methods to give light to life, an insight in past, present and future.  Its application is universal.

Horoscope baseTo research life a Vedic horoscope is made. An horoscope is a picture of the sky with planets and zodiac signs. For a person it is with respect to his or her place and time of birth; for a company it is with respect to its starting point; for a question it can be the time and place of questioning.

In a psychological context Jyotish is a method to have more self knowledge. It is a help to evaluate the tendencies, aspirations and goals in life. It has a healing influence and is intended for harmony and a healthier lifestyle. The dynamics of the planets reveal a lot about the human mind and the issues and directions of life.

The autor of this site, W. Burgmans*), is educated as a psychologist, studied Vedic astrology since 1988, gives consultations, lectures and workshops.

Truth, Simplicity, Love

Acoording to the teachings of Hairakhan Baba, a yogi saint of India,  Truth, Simplicity and Love should be a core value in life and living. May Jyotish contribute to a  truthfull life in simplicity and love.